Waz Up Mix Up Boogie 2018

16 - 18, June

The Waz Up Mix Up is a boogie in honor of The Ranch AFF instructor Linda “Waz” Wasilonski. Originally created as a fundraiser to help Linda defray the costs of her battle with lung cancer, the boogie takes a new track in 2018. With her passing, The Ranch is honoring her legacy by fostering Linda’s passion for continuing education and progression in skydiving. The Waz Up Mix Up will give you an opportunity to learn new skills and disciplines, regardless of how much experience you have in the sport. Now, this ain’t your average rookie round-up. Whether you have 50 jumps or 1,000 – there is always something in the sky that is new to you. This event is your chance to get some quality, focused coaching in a controlled and fun environment. For every offered discipline, we’ll match a bad-ass sky ninja with small groups of 2-3 skydivers that have less experience/lower jump numbers in that discipline.
Is this boogie for you? YES! Maybe you have thousands of belly jumps but barely a dozen freefly jumps and want that stable sit. Maybe you’re a tunnel rat VFS baller who desperately wants to learn how to track. Have you mastered head down but only have 10 wingsuit jumps and want to get flocking? Did you just get your A license and need to get those belly skills beyond your AFF? Even if you just feel lost in the crowd or intimidated by bigger boogies, we’ve got you covered. If there is something you want or need to learn – this IS the boogie for you!
The Waz Up Mix Up will also host some special events for advanced wingsuiters. Special WS organizers, airport-to-airport cross country jumps, flocking and stacking are just a couple more ways we’re going to mix it up.
Details, details, it’s all about the details….. Here’s what you get for your $55 registration fee:
• 8 “coach passes” that secure your opportunity to make 8 jumps with a Jedi knight of skydiving**
• Dinner and entertainment Saturday night
• A raffle ticket for Saturday night’s prizes – with random drawings all throughout dinner (must be present to win). Prizes include:
• Free registration for Waz Up Mix Up 2019, The Ranch SIS Boogie or TSK 2018 (WHAT DO WE WANT?)
• Cool ass T-shirts – TSK, Team Evil, Waz Up Mix Up
• Ordinary Charms necklace or discount on a custom piece of skydiving jewelry
• Discount on custom helmet graphics
• Bottles of Freefall Sangria
• Merch packages from Vigil, Vertical & PD
• Packer services
• GRAND PRIZE – all your Saturday jumps for FREE!!!!! (everyone present at dinner is eligible to win the grand prize - even if you already won a smaller drawing during dinner!)
But wait… there’s more! Available on-site for additional purchase during the boogie:
• 50/50 raffle tickets (everybody loves $$)
• Raffle tickets to win awesome prizes!! (place your tickets in the drawing you want to win – the more tickets you buy, the better your chance to win!)
• A first flight course or a FULL day of wingsuit coaching with Jim Bilodeau
• 15 minutes of tunnel coaching from Ryan of Team Evil
• 30% off base price, 15% off options on a container from UPT
• Discount on a wingsuit from Tonysuits
• 20% off base price of a container from Velocity Sports Equipment
• Canopy course with Sergey Fedotov – the Big Boy Russian Ninja
• We’re pretty sure there will be more as we go along….
• Additional “coach passes” (in case you want to do more than 8 jumps with your skygod)
• Saturday Lunch (we’ll have burgers and hot dogs, etc for purchase on-site to keep you jumping!)
• Sunday Brunch (coffee, coffee, COFFEE)
• Packers (can’t get your 10 lb canopy in your 5 lb container? pay someone to do it for you!)
What’s not included ☹:
• Your jump tickets ($25 each. cash or charge to 13.5k ft aboard our colorful fleet of Twin Otters)
Hey...What about crap weather?
Well, in the event we are grounded, our local yodas will be talking with you, our Skywalkers in training, giving you personalized attention right until beer-thirty to help educate and prepare you to rock your new skills. We’ll even have canopy superstars to answer everything from how to spot for accuracy to how to start swooping your way to glory! Registration is non-refundable - but in the event of a total weather-out** – we’ll give all pre-registered participants** a free jump on their Ranch account to take some of the sting away. And regardless of jumping – we’re sure to have dinner, beer, entertainment, raffles and a hell of a good time! Not a bad deal for $55!
I know what you’re thinking, what about canopy skillz??
Well have we got something for you! Not one, but TWO canopy course options are being offered Friday June 15th, the day before the event. Add a canopy course a la carte and get familiar with our dz before all the action starts. Still not convinced you want to come? How about The Ranch offers free camping on site! Pitch your tent on the dropzone so all the action is right there. We’ve got showers and real bathrooms for all boogie goers too.
**The fine print:
To ensure our young Skywalker to coach ratio is kept to a targeted maximum of 3:1, we must limit the number of registrations - so be sure to sign up early or risk being shut out.
Extra-curricular canopy course(s) are separate events from the Waz Up Mix Up boogie but we feel they are a value add in connection with our event.
Total weather out means no full altitude loads flown during the entire boogie, Sat. 8am - Sun. 6pm.
Free jump only given to those that pre-register for the event at least 2 weeks prior.
Additionally, we will not be able to accommodate first time wingsuiters at this event. If you want to make your way into wingsuiting and work with our wizards at the Waz Up Mix Up, you will need to have completed a first flight course and a minimum of 5 WS jumps prior to the boogie. But in the spirit of this event, we are offering a first flight course Friday, June 15th. Just as with our canopy offerings, you can add the FFC a la carte with your registration. If you’d like to get an earlier start to your wingsuit career - you may also contact Jim, Jason and Yan at to set up an FFC on a different date.