Zone Accuracy Challenge

15 - 16, September

Chris Haslam former member of SDMW NEXT XP and current member of R2G will be organizing a Sport Accuracy Challenge. Following the collegiate sport accuracy rules, there will be a target painted on the ground and a 15 meter circle around the target. Competitors will do a hop and pop and try to land as close to the target as possible (must be a standup landing). Their distance is measured from first point of contact to the targets center with a maximum of 15 meters. The lowest score after a total of six rounds will win.

There will be two classes. Intermediate < 250 jumps and open >250 jumps. $30 registration fee. Winners of each class will receive the registration fees from their class. 8:30am briefing for 9am competition start.

Fun, low pressure environment to work on your accuracy!