Alter Ego Fastrax Basic Canopy Course with Alex Hart

07 April - 05 November

Start Skydiving

Start Skydiving

Come get your learn on with Alter Ego Fastrax member Alex Hart! Ready to learn the essentials of canopy flight? It’s a great foundation for all ranges of experience levels and is a huge stepping stone to advance your skills and comfort level under canopy. From sharpening up your pattern and accuracy on landings, to learning all of the various ways to make inputs that allow you to have full control of your wing. Get in depth knowledge and understanding for the different flight modes of a canopy and learn the all-important emergency maneuvers that can one day save your life. This course will even get your USPA B License Canopy Card signed off. This course builds the foundation for a long, safe, and successful skydiving career.

Registration for this course is $150/day (This does not include jumps).