Flight-1 101 & 102

19 - 20, May

Skydive Netheravon

Skydive Netheravon

U.K. National CP Champion, Wez Westley will be teaching Flight-1 101 & 102 canopy courses at Skydive Netheravon on 19th & 20th of May 2018.

Flight 101 is a foundation course and is intended for beginner to intermediate canopy pilots. It covers all aspects of canopy flight, from opening to landing, dealing specifically with creating soft, consistent and accurate landings. Furthermore, you'll learn correct flare technique, how to debrief personal performance, create a flight plan and stall, and stall recovery techniques to start to understand the full performance range of the canopy.

Flight 102 builds and expands on lessons from Flight 101. In this second foundation course, you'll learn the complete range of the canopy and using the canopy to deal with different situations in air and in the environment. The course takes you through a series of in air exercises to explore the performance range of the canopy so that you can deal with emergency situations and difficult atmospheric conditions. You will be given more safety and survival tools, including controlled turns using different inputs, turn dynamics, dive recovery and the how to deal with a long spot.

Whether this is your first canopy course or if it's been a while since you gave some love to the nylon above your head, refresh your knowledge and get reacquainted with your canopy. You will learn the fundamental skills needed to pilot your canopy safely, and practice drills that you will utilize throughout your skydiving life.

Flight 101 - Saturday 19 May
Flight 102 - Sunday 20 May

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You also need to phone the office to pay your £15 DZ registration fee. This can also be paid upon the day of training at reception or from your burble account.