Flight Club at iFLY OKC - Tuesday, March 13th


iFLY Oklahoma City

iFLY Oklahoma City

FLIGHT CLUB IS ON TUESDAY NIGHTS! Flight Club welcomes flyers of all ages with at least 1 previous flight in an iFLY tunnel. Coaching is available for all flyers, beginner to advanced. There are even opportunities to fly with others, depending on your skill level. Please see the information below and email if you are interested or would like more information!

iFLY OKC Flight Club is a reserved flight session from 8 to 9pm on Tuesdays. This flight session can be extended if time is available. Please arrive no later than 7:15pm for check-in and a quick briefing. Space is limited and flyers should sign up in advance. Flyers will be accommodated “first come, first serve”. The flights can be purchased/scheduled in 5 minute increments up to 15 minutes per person.

Flight Club Pricing:

5 minutes = $58.33 plus tax
10 minutes = $116.66 plus tax
15 minutes = $175 plus tax
Coaching per minute = $3 (If Needed)

If you are flying with a group, only one person needs to sign up. Please provide the names of other flyers at check-in. Individuals wishing to fly solo or with others MUST be signed off to do so on their IBA account. All flying must fall under IBA standards for safe flight. Information about the IBA is available at or you can contact for more information. If you are flying time from your account, pricing will be dependent on your current rate.

How to Sign Up for Flight Club Each Week:

Call iFLY at 405-300-4359 to schedule your flight time for Flight Club

Check-in/Briefing: 7:00pm-7:30pm (Briefing begins at 7:15 in Team Room)

Flight time: 8:00pm

All you have to do is check-in/pay and be ready to fly. You will be paying iFLY for tunnel time. You can also use pre-purchased time if you have an account and prefer to use that. If using a Return Flight Voucher, please bring to the attention of iFLY staff when signing up.

Flight Club Rules:


2. If you are a return flyer and it’s your first time flying with Flight Club, you must make arrangements for coaching with an iFLY Instructor or be signed off to fly solo. Please contact iFLY (405-300-4359) if you have questions about coaching and prices. The flight rates above do not include coaching.

3. Be on time (or early).

4. When the 10 second blue/red lights start flashing in the tunnel, please plan to begin making your way to the door and exit on time. This will keep flyers on time.

5. Flights will be 1 minute 40 seconds each. For example: 3 flights for 5 minutes, 6 flights for 10 minutes and 9 flights for 15 minutes.

6. Flight times can be split as follows: 1 flyer for 5 minutes, 2 flyers for 10 minutes, and 3 flyers for 15 minutes.

7. The Flight Club Organizer will arrange the flight schedule so that you fly the allotted flight time. Please pay attention to the flight rotation. The schedule will also be posted on the wall and the organizer will help remind you as much as possible. Flight Club will run smoother if everyone keeps track of what order they are flying.

8. The chamber will hold up to 12 flyers. If the number of participants exceeds the space available, the groups will be split into separate sessions. For example, the first session flights would begin at 8:00pm and the second session would begin after the first session ends. If you need to be in the first session, please let the organizer know at the briefing.

9. Flight Club may be moved or postponed due to Holidays or special events. Facebook Events and Emails will update you accordingly.

10. If you have questions, please ask. Flight Club is for you to have fun and learn to fly!