No Pro Sessions


Mile-Hi Skydiving Center, Inc.

Mile-Hi Skydiving Center, Inc.

Are you a licensed skydiver? Do you have 200 jumps or less?! Then this one is for you!!

The bluSora gals and their ambassadors will be providing free organinzing for all jumpers with 200 jumps or less. Dive flows will be designed for small groups with your experience level in mind and we will give coaching tid bits troughout the day!

No registraion or fees, we just ask that you rsvp to this event! (Please only RSVP if you are sure you will come so we provide enough organizers)

How the day will go:

We will meet in the am and spend a little time getting to know eachother before dividing up into small groups. We will jump together untill about 4:00pm. Each jump will be briefed, mocked up, and debriefed and we will possibly mix up the groups throughout the day!

Showtimes will be announced at a later date :) BLUE SKIES!!