USPA AFF-I Pre Course

15 - 16, April

SkyDance SkyDiving

SkyDance SkyDiving

SkyDance SkyDiving will be hosting a USPA AFF Instructor Pre-Course taught by James "Boomer" Cain on April 15th!

This course is open to USPA Coaches (350+ jumps), who are looking to sharpen their skills and practice maneuvers in preparation for the AFF Instructor Course and evaluation jumps.

An AFF course will follow later in the season TBD.

Max 8 Participants. $15 course fee, (to be paid at manifest) & $20 direct to evaluator for each jump. Participants will split cost of evaluator's slots. 3 Evaluators will be available. Starts at 8:30AM and runs all day.

Email to book or with enquiries.