SFS Essentials/Advanced Canopy Course at Skydive Suffolk

14 - 16, April

Skydive Suffolk

Skydive Suffolk

Skydive Suffolk is thrilled to offer these Canopy Courses from Superior Flight Solutions. These courses are designed to educate jumpers on safe canopy flight and teach techniques that will give them the most valuable tool of all....CONFIDENCE! Confidence in their gear, in themselves and their abilities to fly their canopies safely. The intent is to make jumpers safer canopy pilots by making them smarter canopy pilots.

These are no cookie cutter courses. You will be doing jumps and drills based off of your abilities, your progress and your desired goals. Each jump you do will be videoed and meticulously debriefed.

*Course descriptions at the END of this post. Please continue reading*


To Register:
1) You MUST pre-pay for 5 hop n pops on your account to secure your slot ($125)
2) Call 757-539-3531 to pay and secure! You may also pay in person, but we will not hold a spot for you without payment first; first come, first served!
3) Cost per course is $160 (this cost is in addition to the hop n pops)
4) Paypal the course fee of $160 to or pay in cash directly to Greg Windmiller on the day of the course
5) Complete the online waiver from Superior Flight Solutions

You are welcome to RSVP for both course days, but be aware the cost per day is $160 with 5 hop n pops ($125).

If renting gear, please arrange this before the morning of the course. It is highly recommended to get a packer for the day to help expedite the flow during the course day.

All classes starts at 8 am but be at the DZ at 7:45 to check in. Please do not be late and show up packed and ready to jump with your reserve card in date!!

-This course meets the requirements of the B license application as well as completes the canopy proficiency card required by USPA. -You do not need to be a licensed skydiver to attend the course; however, you must be cleared to self supervise and have completed your hop and pops.
-If you have your B license and if you have never attended a formal canopy course, then this course is for you as well. You will be doing more advanced drills and your progression will not be slowed.
-There will be a canopy packing class/demonstration for those needing it to start the day and at the end of the day, the B license test will be administered to those who need it at no extra charge, time permitting.
--A canopy course, packing class and the B License test all in one day. This class is conducted rain or shine.--

*The courses are designed so that Saturday's Basic course participants can smoothly move into the Sunday Advanced Canopy Course if they would like.*

- Designed for jumpers that have already been through a basic canopy course or that may demonstrate the skills necessary to attend an advanced course.
- This course teaches advanced techniques, which enables canopy pilots to get more performance out of their canopies from beginning to induce speed, working on their accuracy, or just gain more knowledge about their canopies.
-Advanced landing techniques as well as advanced safety drills are practiced and the "what if" scenarios in a controlled environment. This creates safer skydivers that can land their canopies in a greater variety of conditions.
- Skills building will be tailored to swoopers and non-swoopers alike. Wherever you are in your current abilities is where we will start from and progress from there.