VA Record Camp w/ Matt Fry & Veenendaal

15 - 18, June

Skydive Orange, Inc.

Skydive Orange, Inc.

Join Matthew Fry and Jay Veenendaal for the Skydive Orange VA Record Camp with plans to break the record in Oct. (dates TBA)

Who may attend this camp?
-must be able to fly head down on all portions of a skydive
-must be able to turn 180 from center and break off safely
-must have and audible altimeter
-must have AAD

What will this camp focus on?
-The goal of this camp is to evaluate your flying in your strong and weak slot to better plan the VA record dive.
-This is a camp, you will not be asked to sit down unless there is a safety issue with you.

We look forward to flying with you and let's smashed that record!!!