VPC 4-Way Meet

19 - 20, May

Skydive Orange, Inc.

Skydive Orange, Inc.

The VPC (Virginia Parachute Council VPC) meet is a good way to get introduced to the world of Competitive Freefall Relative Work Skydiving. All levels are welcome, weather you are a seasoned skydiver that likes competition, or you are a beginner that is curious about skydiving competition, this event is for you.

Get your 4-way team (and video) together and come out for a great day of jumping. We'll meet at 8:30 am and we will plan to complete 5 or 6 rounds.

Please make an effort to bring your own videographer or arrange for a videographer in advance.

Bring your own 4 person team or you can come and make your team here. Rain date will be Sunday May 19th.

Event is open to all licensed skydivers.