4-Way Scrambles May

19 - 20, May

Sky's The Limit

Sky's The Limit

Do some smoking hot 4-way jumps, learn 4-way, and have a great time with friends at one of the funnest skydiving events of the year!

This meet is open to all jumpers regardless of experience level or preferred discipline (A License Minimum). The meet is structured for individuals to sign up and be randomly placed on teams according to experience levels. Special care will be taken to make sure that the teams are as even as possible. If you are a new jumper, this meet is an excellent opportunity for you to jump with some of the best RW jumpers around. They will share their knowledge with you and offer very valuable information for free!!

Pre-Registration = $30 + Jumps
Same Day Registration = $45 + Jumps
NOTE: Registration will close promptly at 9 AM

Once you arrive, please check in at manifest to sign in. After everyone is signed in, the teams will be drawn promptly at 9 AM.

After the teams are formed, the draw will be handed out and you will be given time to dirt dive. The meet will consist of 4 jumps. Your registration price includes the video slot.

Pre-register today so that you can have a guaranteed slot as space is limited. RSVP to or call us 570-420-1011. If you would like to shoot video or be a team captain, please contact manifest ASAP.