1-2-1 Freefly & Angle Coach Camp

17 - 18, March


If you are interested in becoming a coach this might be a good weekend for you too!

This will be a great opportunity to get your FF1, FF2, TR1, TR2, TR3 or even all of them if you're that confident.

It is also a great way to progress on a 1-2-1 basis or even 2 or more to 1, if you have a friend who wants to work on similar skills, this way you can also save a little.
This will also be a feeder weekend for the progression weekends that will follow throughout the year.

Requirements for event;
You, your kit & some awesomeness.
Freefly Friendly Kit (Booties are not helpful so freefly suit, jeans or similar)
At least 1 Audible, 2 if you are wanting to do HD or TR2/TR3
APA Membership & Working Burble Account (With Sufficent Credit Prior to Event)
PLEASE BE AT THE DZ 8am Prompt for Briefing

1-2-1 Coaching (Coach Slot & Coach Fee to be covered by you).
You will be allocated a coach to jump with.
Preferential manifesting, you will be manifested for 6+ loads on each day you require coaching, half of which will be coach jumps and half solo consolidation jumps, you can of course de-manifest for the solo jumps if you wish.
Video Debriefs.

How to register:
Click on link below and fill in the registration form, payments will be taken from your burble account so make sure there are sufficient funds, please click GOING on the event page.

If you have any questions about the event or about participating please PM Harry Shanker.

Please check your burble account to see if registration has been taken to confirm your place, a list will be put on FB closer to the event.