Coach Rating Course

14 - 17, September

Skydive Orange, Inc.

Skydive Orange, Inc.

For those of you who are seriously interested in attending, Steve needs to know in the way of a deposit to insure an adequate number of evaluators and proper aircraft support. Slots will be accepted based on the order the deposits are received until the course is filled.

- Have at least a USPA “B” License or F.A.I Equivalent
- Documented proof of 100 jumps
- Current USPA membership (I will need to see your USPA card)
- Present a completed open book Coach Rating Exam at check-in located in the back of the IRM. Please use the answer sheet provided in the IRM.
- Assisted with one complete First Jump Course

- $350 (payable to Steve, cash or check) plus aircraft slots (payable to the DZ, your slots and the evaluators) plus any video costs (your choice) and USPA fees.
- $50 nonrefundable deposit payable to Steve to register (cash or check.) The balance will be due at the start of the course.
* Please include your name, telephone number(s) and e-mail address with the deposit.

You will need the current additions of USPA’s Skydivers Information Manual and Instructor Rating Manual to attend the course (available from USPA.) Steve requires every candidate to study all material concerning USPA’s ISP program in the SIM and the entire Coach section in the IRM prior to the course. The more familiar everyone is with the material, the more quickly the lectures and demos will go.
To register or if you have further questions, please contact Steve directly: Cash or check payable to:
Steve Hetrick
110 Kinross Dr
Winchester VA 22602 571.243 4400.