AFF-I Rating Pre-Course and Course

21 - 29, September

Skydive Orange, Inc.

Skydive Orange, Inc.

For those of you who may be interested, these are the requirements to attend the course and what to be prepared for:

- Be a current USPA member
- Hold a current USPA Coach Rating or any other USPA Instructional Rating (must have held a Coach Rating for one year or have a minimum of 500 jumps.)
- Have at least a USPA "C" License or the F.A.I. equivalent.
- Have a minimum of six hours documented freefall time.
- Have completed all prior course requirements on the USPA AFF Proficiency Card.
- Present the open book exam ready for grading at check-in (General USPA Instructor and AFF Instructor exams located in the back of the IRM.) Please use the answer sheet in the IRM.
- Be completely familiar with the "Integrated Student Program" as described in the "Skydivers Information Manual" and the AFF stuff in the "Instructional Rating Manual," available from USPA (required books for the course, current editions please).

$700 payable to Steve Hetrick (cash or check,) plus USPA fees, jumps (yours and your evaluators,) and any video costs. During practice jumps, you must also pay the evaluator fees. It would be prudent to budget approximately $1400 and seven days (including the pre-course) of your time to complete the course.

- Pre-register with Steve well in advance ($200.00 nonrefundable deposit required payable to Steve) The balance of $500 is due at the start of the course. Steve needs to know far enough in advance how many qualified evaluators he will need and what aircraft and facilities will be required to support the course. Please include all contact information (phone numbers(s) and e-mail address) with the deposit.

- Be prepared to be evaluated on your ground and in-air instructional and flying skills for "ISP" Categories "C1" and "D2" (similar to the former AFF Level III and Level V).

Mail deposit to or if you need more information, please contact Steve directly:

Steve Hetrick
110 Kinross Dr
Winchester VA 22602