B Licence Progression Day

14 April - 20 October

Skydive Langar

Skydive Langar

We will be dedicating a Saturday to getting those all important B Licence briefs done.
These will include a comprehensive CH2 brief, we will cover JM1 briefs including spotting techniques, flightline checking, introduction to the BPA Operations Manual and teach you how to be a jumpmaster.

If the weather is good we will get some Hop’n’Pop jumps in to do the practical part of CH2, with video debriefs of your landings.

Packing is a seperate day (additional cost) and these will be run by the packers.

Please note that whilst all the briefs will be covered on the day, due to some of the practical aspects of the licence requirements it might not be possible to sign off your B licence on the day.

The cost is £30.
Please phone the office on 01949 860878 to pay.
Alternativly ask to pay when you're at the DZ.

There is a maximum of 10 spaces, but we plan on running more of these days in the near future.

See you on the flightline (/classroom)