Stack Attack! - Wingsuiting 2018

16 - 17, June

Skydive Langar

Skydive Langar

Stack Attack is Back! You better be ready...

If you don't already know this one is all about flying fast and tight in a vertical formation. Shake the fluff out of your skills bag and bring your A-game, this is not a beginners event! WS coaches Jonathan Charles and Oliver Ellis will be organising and leading, aiming for around a 55mph descent rate with 80-90% forward rockets firing.

We will be using Skydive Langar's 'Papa Sierra' Grand Caravan - recently fitted with seats and a Blackhawk engine upgrade!

12 Slots are available, please don't apply if you've not flown fast in a large group before. Belly flyers need to be capable of controlled running exits. Back flyers must have float exits, dive exits and on-level transitions dialled in. As usual you must have your WS2 and be above that basic skill level to ensure everyone can be 100% awesome safely.

To reserve your slot please send £3 via paypal 'Friends & Family' to (this is non-refundable unless the event is cancelled).

A list of confirmed participants will be posted and updated periodically - give it a day or so before messaging please.

See you all in the Sky!