Fly4life Flight Camp - March 2018

13 - 18, March

Skydive DeLand, Inc.

Skydive DeLand, Inc.

​FLY4LIFE March Flight Camp is coming up! March 13-17th, 2018 at Skydive Deland.

After an analysis of our last two camps and many of the events we traveled to during 2016, we've concluded that we need smaller groups. When these camps began, groups of 8 were chosen because we weren't doing much more than tracking and pretty much all head first. Even though we feel that our camps are still mainly based on angles, the natural progression of this type of flying has taken us to mix it up with head up, static vertical/flat formations, etc. Even just flying angles, we have realized that taking out 2 people out of a group of 8 already allows coaches to push participants closer to their limits, providing a more progressive, and safer learning environment.

Camp Format:
- 5 day camp, Tuesday thru Saturday
- Participants will be organized by skill level in groups of 6. *NEW*
- Groups will stay the same throughout.
- Coaches will rotate every day. Bringing in different flying styles, and ways to explain the techniques in practice.
- 6 jumps per day (more if there is still light). About 40min between jumps. Plan the flight, Go fly, Pack (use a packer), Video debrief, Repeat.
- Participants should arrive before sunset on the 12th in order to fill up waivers, get your rigs checked with the DZ and put money on your account for the 30 jumps we hope to make. (Don't worry the dz will refund any money not used during the camp)
- Mandatory event briefing Tuesday, March 13th at 8:30am. Participants MUST be ready to fly by the beginning of this meeting.
- Registration US$400 *NEW*

- Claudio Cagnasso
- Manny Guevara
- Luis Prinetto
- Sharon Har-Noy Pilcher
- Paul Ferriman
- Noah Bahnson
- Ryan Risberg
- Oscar Asfura
- Luis Adolfo Lopez-Mendez
- Tom Baker
- Petter Mazzetta
- Domi Kiger
Additional guests will be announced soon!

-Angle flying- (Minimum) Able to fly your slot on your strong side and fly in quadrant on your weak side. *NEW*
-500 jumps minimum or have a recommendation from an angle coach.
-Must have done a camp with one of the camp coaches (not one random jump, a whole camp). Or, have a recommendation from a known flyer or coach. *NEW*
-AADs are Mandatory

Registering for the camp while failing to meet minimum requirements, and/or overestimating your skills in the questionnaire may cause you to be removed (red card) from the camp without right of refund. *NEW*

1. Go to the event page on the website:
2. Press the Sign Up button and submit your information via the form.
3. After our review, we will send you the link to pay.

*Do not share the payment link as all participants must submit their info first.
*Be patient, sometimes we do not have immediate access to email to send you the link, and sometimes we have to check with other coaches about participant's skill level first.
*Submitting the form does NOT save your slot in the camp. Seriously. Submitting the information form REALLY DOES NOT SAVE YOUR SPOT! Only registration payment saves your spot!

Slots are limited so sign-up as soon as possible!