Introduction to 4 way Team with Clark and Hubert

19 - 21, May

Jumptown/MSPC, Inc.

Jumptown/MSPC, Inc.

This Course is designed as an introduction to 4-way team flying for beginners and intermediate jumpers (although more advanced jumpers are welcome — we could use your help!). We have experience competing at Nationals as part of Luau Confusion, and we'd love to share the fun of jumping as a team, flying a specific slot on multiple jumps, and learning the same random and block formations that Arizona Airspeed performs!

Focus is on basic skill-building, slot awareness, and having fun while being safe. A suit with grippers is required — booties recommended but not essential. You should have good basic belly flying skills and a minimum of 50 jumps.

Course will provide outside video and video de-briefing after every jump. We will aim for four or five jumps a day.

You do NOT have to go to Day 1 in order to go to Day 2 — each day will be its own self-contained camp. Since flying as a team only works if everyone is there, we ask that if you commit please show up on time."