UPT Tandem Instructor Rating Course

17 - 21, May

Come and get your tandem rating with Kazu Oyama of Xcel Skydiving! Must have the following:

-USPA Membership (Current)
-Hold at a minimum a USPA Coach rating (Current)
-Meet the manufacturers requirements and completed the Manufacturer's TIRC/TICC
-You will need and IRM, SIM and the USPA Tandem Instructor Proficiency Card. You will need to take the test in the IRM for Tandem instructor prior to the course. If you are only a coach you need to take the instructors exam and the tandem instructor's exam. If you are already and USPA Instructor you need to take the tandem instructors exam
-The proficiency card needs to be signed off at items 1-8 if you are a coach and at item 1-2 if you are already a USPA instructor in another discipline (AFF, SL, IAD etc...)

$400 in course fees. Candidates are also responsible for slots and USPA rating fees. A $100 deposit is required to hold your spot in the course. Your deposit will go towards your course fees.

We are looking forward to helping you further you instructional ratings! If you need further information or have any questions email Kazu!