Skydive Chicago's 2018 Safety Day


Skydive Chicago, Inc.

Skydive Chicago, Inc.

Skydive Chicago’s Safety Day will be here before you know it! Start the season off right by refreshing yourself on Emergency Procedures, Canopy Control, Landing Patterns, Airplane Procedures, Gear Checks and more. This is a great time to ask those questions that have been accumulating over the winter. The cutaway harness will be available all evening for practice as well.

Join us and your fellow skydivers as we gear up for the official opening of the 2018 season with a night of seminars, Q&A sessions, and prizes.

Coaches will be available all weekend long if you need a currency jumps. All currency jumps during opening weekend, March 16-18, will be FREE for those who attend Skydive Chicago's Safety Day 2018. You just need to cover your slot. See you all there!

Manifest will be open prior to the start of Safety Day, from 1pm to 6pm.