St Luke's Hospice Skydive


Skydive Buzz

Skydive Buzz

Please jump for St Luke's Hospice Plymouth and help us offer the special and unique support we provide for our terminally ill patients.

'JUMP FOR FREE' - Although Skydive Buzz need to be paid for each skydive, those who raise a minimum of £345 will not have to pay using their own money so the skydive will be 'free' for them. Fundraising that covers the cost of the activity as well as supporting St Luke's help us generate many more volunteers which in turn boosts the amount raised for the activity. We're grateful to those in a position to pay for their own skydive costs but understand this isn't the case for everyone and by offering the jump for free scheme, we're giving an equal opportunity to all daredevil St Luke's supporters to help us raise as much as possible from our skydiving events!