The Alter Ego Project

United States

Our goal is to embrace the aspect of canopy piloting in our sport and teach everyone that has the desire to learn how to become a better and safer skydiver. The Alter Ego Project will make you a part of the team. Come join the Project and discover your true Alter Ego!


Sun Path, Performance Designs, Cookie, Vigil, Larsen & Brusgaard, Fly Sight, Hypoxic


Pro Rating

Sport results

Two National Women's Speed Records 2.386, 2.411 ,
3 State Women's Speed Records North Carolina and Florida 2.386, 2.411, 2.558

Professional Exhibition Rating

3rd place Overall Open class BPA Grand Prix 2015

4th Overall BPA Grand Prix Skydive99 2015

8th Overall FLCPA Meet#3 Raeford 2015 - 9th Place Distance, 9th Place Speed FLCPA

10th Overall FLCPA Meet#1 Z-Hills 2015 - 10th Place Distance, 10th Place Accuracy

3rd Place Accuracy Brazilian Nationals 2015

3rd Overall Advanced SunPath Open 2014

3rd Overall FLCPA 2014 season

5th Overall Swedish Swoop Cup 2014 - 2nd Place Accuracy

1st Overall Pro/Am FLCPA #3 Raeford 2014

1st Place Advanced 2014 Florida Canopy Piloting Association Meet #2 Z-Hills

5th Place Advanced 2014 Florida Canopy Piloting Association Meet #1 Z-Hills

2nd Place Distance Advanced 2013 Lord of the Strings PD Project Orange

3rd Place Advanced 2013 Sun Path Products Canopy Piloting Open Raeford – 2nd Place Distance, 2nd Place Speed

8th Place Advanced 2013 US Canopy Piloting National Championship – 5th Place Speed, 6th Place Distance, 11th Place Zone Accuracy

16th Place Overall 2012 Florida Canopy Piloting Association Season

12th Place FLCPA Z-Hills 2012

20th Place FLCPA Raeford 2012

Awarded Farthest Advanced Distance Run 2011 Florida Canopy Piloting Association Raeford – 91.93 Meters

11th Place Overall 2011 Florida Canopy Piloting Association Season

11th Place FLCPA 2011 Palatka

11th Place FLCPA Raeford

15th Place FLCPA Deland

2011 Most Improved Swooper of the Year Award, Florida Canopy Piloting Association

Held the 1st all girl canopy course and has focused a lot on encouraging females in the sport to seek proper canopy education and progression

Upcoming Events of The Alter Ego Project

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