Anthony Zerbonia

United States

Anthony Zerbonia

Wingsuit Instructor and Tandem Instructor at Skydive City, Competitive Wingsuit Pilot, Wingsuit Load Organizer, Team Wicked Wingsuits Acrobatic Flyer, Tonysuits Sponsored Athlete and Test Pilot, Aerodyne Sponsored Athlete, Wicked Wingsuits Sponsored Athlete, Alti-2 Sponsored Athlete. I have a passion for teaching all aspects of the wingsuit discipline including first flight courses, acrobatics, performance flying, dynamic multi point flocking, XRW, advanced backflying, and big ways.


Aerodyne, Wicked Wingsuits, Tonysuits, Alti-2


Tandem Instructor,
Tonysuit Wingsuit Instructor,
National Wingsuit Judge

Sport results

2nd place Speed Wide Open Wingsuit Series CSC 2016, 4th place performance 2015 nationals, 7th place performance 2016 nationals, 2nd place acrobatic nationals 2016, 2nd place acrobatic World Cup 2016, 1st place tonysuit 3rd annual acrobatic competition 2015, 1st place wingolympics 2015, 4th Place Tonysuits 3rd annual Performance Competition 2017, USA Performance Wingsuit Team Pilot 2016/2017, USA Acrobatic Wingsuit Team Pilot 2016/2017

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